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  • Christian Candies

    Delicious Gummies and Mints with Empowering Biblical Passages on the Wrappers in English or Spanish...

    Ideal for every day

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    Ideal Candies for Every Day

     These are delicious Gummies and Mints with Inspirational Biblical Passages on their wrappers in English and Spanish, ideal for every day moments. Also they are a great tool for your business, to give Testimony that you are a believer and give you the perfect opportunity to Spread the Gospel, to your Customers and Friends;   As they also will feel confident, that they are dealing with a Business that is own by a believer; you can offer them as a courtesy or sell them, if you want to sell them please contact us for our specials and discounts to business. 

    We have also a wide variety of other products with biblical passages and you can buy them online clicking on the button STORE below.

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