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Do you want to become a wholesaler? Excellent!

The procedure is simple

  • Give us withing 24 to 48 hour and we will be in contact with you to complete the registration process.

Before start buying as A wholesaler, you or your organization must be registered with the government. If you already are registered, make sure that the documents you will submit are updated at the moment to apply.

This document must be from the government (town, state, federal, etc.). and directed to your business or organization. We require only the first page of the document. These documents are the proof of your legal status and good standing as organization or dealer. The documents will vary depending of the type of organization or entity you are:

  •  Churches, Bible institutes, Nonprofit corporations – Certificate of tax exemption or a similar document.
  •  Bookstores – Occupational business license, certificate of registration, reseller’s tax-exempt certificate or a similar document.

To be a wholesaler, You must have a minimum purchase or reorders of $300 (subtotal before tax and shipping costs).



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